Max Folsom – Author of the Baker Somerset series of mysteries

Case One

One Bad Day After Another

Baker Somerset was a Scotland Yard Detective sent to Ottawa to help solve a brutal kidnapping case. After the suspect put four bullets in her, she decided to stay in Ottawa and open her own detective agency: Case Closed Investigations.

One morning, the body of a British diplomat is found at her office door. Hunting his killer, she learns the murder is tied to the kidnapping that brought her to Canada, and in the process she unearths bribery, fraud, and illegal activity in the military arms and equipment industry. With billions of dollars at stake, the perpetrators play rough; willing to kill anyone who stands in their way.

As the risks to her life and career multiply and bodies begin to pile up, Somerset enlists her friends: Duchess “Keys” Brown, a vivacious Jamaican computer guru; Joe Manning, a martial arts expert, and Charles Stroud, her old Scotland Yard partner. They sift through a maze of conflicting evidence, numerous dead ends, and heightening danger to bring those responsible to justice.

ONE BAD DAY AFTER ANOTHER is a book for crime and mystery enthusiasts that infuses the fast pace and high stakes of modern thrillers and the hard-boiled detectives ‘take no prisoners’ attitude into a traditional mystery story.

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