Max Folsom – Author of the Baker Somerset series of mysteries

New England Crime Bake 2021

Crime Bake is one of the major events for mystery writers, agents, and publishers in New England. The attendance is kept small so that writers have a chance to meet and talk with presenters, agents, and editors. This was the 20th anniversary event and the first in-person event since Covid. The Guest of Honor was Hank Phillipi Ryan, mystery writer extraordinaire and investigative reporter, who has won more awards than a person can keep track of for both of her callings. She talked, gave a class, and participated in panel discussions.

Medals were given out to authors who had their first novel published this year. Cool isn't it!

A medal was presented to the debut authors, (including me!) which was very cool.

Two classes stood out for me: The first was a presentation by Desmond Hall, who has just had his book, YOUR CORNER DARK published. Desmond lead a workshop on how we could incorporate opposition and tension into our stories. It was a valuable eye opening session presented with humor.

The other session was with Michelle Clark who gave a lecture AT HOME IN THE MORGUE. Ms. Clark is a ‘Death Investigator’ acting as the eyes and ears of the medical examiner. She lead us through different types of deaths (complete with photos) and how a case can be determined as natural, accident, or possible murder. Some of the things she touched on I’d learnt at SIRCHI/MURDERCON a few years ago and it was a good refresher; other things were new and the knowledge will make any crime scene that Baker Somerset finds much more believable.

I came home Sunday exhausted, but very glad I’d gone. It’s always good to see old friends and make new ones, and learn something valuable during it all.

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