Max Folsom – Author of the Baker Somerset series of mysteries

Case 3

Baker Somerset, a former Scotland Yard detective and now the only female licensed private investigator in Ottawa, is hired to discover what happened to Darlene Johanson, a young librarian at the Parliamentary Library who has gone missing.

Darlene came to Ottawa hoping to learn what happened to her great-grandmother’s sister Loretta, a codebreaker who disappeared during the Second World War. While Loretta’s disappearance and death may have involved spies and submarines, Darlene’s past includes an attempted rape, and her present includes a stalker and hate crimes.

When Somerset uncovers a tangled and dangerous web connecting the two missing women, she needs help from Duchess “Keys” Brown, a vivacious Jamaican computer whiz; Joe Manning, a martial arts master; Sam a golden lab who helps save the day; and all of Somerset’s Ottawa police friends. This case is too big for one person to handle.

Solving this case puts Somerset in front of a killer and his Walther PPK. 

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