Max Folsom – Author of the Baker Somerset series of mysteries


Crime Bake is one of the major events for mystery writers, agents, and publishers in New England. The attendance is kept small so that writers have a chance to meet and talk with presenters, agents, and editors. This was the 20th anniversary event and the first in-person event since Covid. The Guest of Honor was Hank Phillipi Ryan, mystery writer extraordinaire and investigative reporter, who has won more awards than a person can keep track of for both of her callings. She talked, gave

You often hear that a book was a ‘such and such’ type of mystery. What do all these terms mean? And if we want definitions – what is a mystery? Someone asked a librarian I knew, about the difference between mainstream novels and mysteries. She replied, “If it’s got a dead body in it, it’s a mystery!” I don’t know if literary critics would agree with her, or not, but that’s a topic for another discussion. It's helpful to remember that murder mysteries are solved

“The Inspector had a vision of a lank immaculate form surmounted by a pale face half obliterated by enormous horn-rimmed spectacles. The final note of incongruity was struck by an old-fashioned deerstalker cap set jauntily upon the top of the young man’s head. Chief Detective-Inspector Stanislaus Oates began to laugh. Ten minutes before he had felt that spontaneous mirth was permanently beyond him, "Campion!’ he said ‘Who’s after you now?’” Why would anyone love to read—and yes, reread—Allingham’s  mysteries? Granted, she’s considered an esteemed member

The hard-boiled detective/private investigator is America’s contribution to the mystery genre.  For a good hard-boiled detective story, you need a sarcastic, licensed private eye, with a loyal secretary who often hasn’t been paid regularly due to lack of funds, a few gunshots, a dead body or two, at least one beautiful dame probably called ‘sweetheart’ and the gum-shoe getting fired from the case but sticking with it because of his/her own moral code. Get out your old books and enjoy!   The Best Hard-Boiled Detectives Ross MacDonald’s

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