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Max Folsom

Author Max Folsom

A writer who never dreamed of writing fiction? An avid reader all her life, an editor, reviewer, speech writer, Max Folsom never envisioned herself an author, a mystery writer.

“It was an impossible concept to me,” she says. “I couldn’t conceive of how an author would come up with a story and all its details, just as I couldn’t understand how a composer could hear the music and put it to paper. But one afternoon sitting in the back yard, the scene of private detective Baker Somerset finding the dead body at her office came to me full blown.” My husband said, “Write it down and see what happens.” The result was the searing novel ONE BAD DAY AFTER ANOTHER, in which her protagonist hunts the killer and becomes involved with the illegal machinations of the military arms and equipment industry,

She says, “Halfway through the book, I saw Somerset get a call from an insurance company regarding a search for a missing man about to be declared legally dead, and I knew he would be involved with trying to right the human rights violations surrounding the island of Diego Garcia and the U.S. base there.” That book became SEARCHING FOR PETER GRIFFITHS.

The third Somerset adventure, DEATH OF A CODEBREAKER  began in the previous book when Somerset receives a letter from a mother asking for help searching for her missing daughter. “I had learned about the weather station ‘Kurt’ that the Germans had put on the shores of Labrador during the Second World War and somehow I knew the two events were tied together.”

She is currently at work on her fourth book which is still unnamed. “This one is the hardest one to write so far.”


A member of Crime Writers of CanadaSisters in Crime, and the League of Vermont Writers she writes a column in the quarterly Sherlockian journal GROANS, CRIES AND BLEATINGS, and was a finalist in both the 2018 Daphne Du Maurier Award for excellence in unpublished Mystery/Suspense, and the 2020 Crime Writers of Canada Arthur Ellis Award for Best Unpublished Crime Novel.

She is currently at work on her fourth Somerset novel,   Married to a retired Canadian Military Officer, and owner of a fat, furry, freeloading cat, she divides her time between their Ottawa Centretown apartment, and a stone house in Vermont. Like Somerset, she drives a Mini Cooper and drinks lots of coffee..

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